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Our Story

Turning Compassion Into Action

Have A Heart Animal Welfare Fund is the brain child of two fast friends, Merle Borenstein and Jill Shufeldt.


We wanted to work towards reducing the euthanasia of adoptable dogs in local town shelters by assisting with medical care, spay/neuter and increasing successful adoptions through community outreach and by networking with other Animal Welfare organizations.

To prevent dogs from entering the shelter system by helping owners who are struggling to care for their dogs. Assistance may include food, medical care including vaccinations and heart worm preventative and low cost spay/neuter services.


Jill has been rescuing and rehoming dogs for over 30 years. She is currently the Animal Control Officer for  5 towns in Ulster County.


Merle is a successful restauranteur with a soft spot for homeless animals. She rescued her first dog from an abusive owner over 30 years ago and she's been advocating for dogs in need ever since.


Have a Heart Animal Welfare Fund is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and is operated by unpaid volunteers. You're tax deductible contributions help us meet our mission of caring for the dogs' in our community. All proceeds go to them.


Together we can reduce the senseless euthanasia of adoptable dogs in our community. Together we can help members of community who love their dogs, but who need a little help, to keep their dogs.


Thank you for supporting Have a Heart Animal Welfare Fund. Together we will make a difference!

Dancing Dogs Jewelry was created to raise funds for Have A Heart.

Handcrafted Jewelry that supports our mission. 100 % of every cent from every piece sold is a donation to Have A Heart.

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A Pet’s Last Will & Testament


Before humans die, they write their last will and testament, giving their home and all they have to those they leave behind.

If, with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I’d ask;

To a poor and lonely stray I’d give my happy home; my bowl and cozy bed, soft pillow and all my toys; the lap, 

which I loved so much; the hand that stroked my fur; and the sweet voice that spoke my name.

I’d will to the sad, scared shelter animal the place I had in my human’s loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds.


So, when I die, please do not say, “I will never have a pet again, for the loss and the pain is more than I can stand.”


Instead, go find an unloved pet, one whose life has held no joy or hope, and give my place to them.


This is the only thing I can give…

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