Teachers and trainers can help provide educational clinics, classes and printed information on dog obedience,

behavior, bite prevention, basic care.

People to spend time just plain old loving them and also helping socialize the dogs-the more human contact

they have the more adoptable they are!

Photographers, creative writers needed to capture great pictures of our pound dogs and provide descriptions of dogs

to post on  internet sites such as Petfinder and also for flyers.

Groomers needed to help our dogs look camera and people ready.

Event Planning people with ideas and energy to help with adopt-a-thons,

creative dog events and last but not least fund raising.

Computer Savvy people for website help, online promotion and fundraising.

Veterinarians and Vet Techs to help with Rabies Clinics and low cost spay/neuter.

Have A Heart Animal Welfare Fund, Inc.     108 Upper Whitfield Road, Accord, NY. 12404      501c3 Non-Profit Volunteer run Organization