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We love happy endings and Kelsie's story has the very happiest ending. A cold and frightened stray, abandoned on a back road, Jill (our DCO and President of Have A Heart), spent hours coaxing this little girl to trust her. Finally Kelsie took the brave leap (into Jill's truck). She spent time at the shelter being fed, having a health checkup, getting spayed and staying warm. One day a lovely family came to visit...and the picture is the rest of the story! 


Our daughter and BanJo have become best friends as you can see In the few pics below.  He loves nap times in her room! We never had to crate him.  From the day we picked him up from you he has slept on a bed in our bedroom and been fantastic.  Very few hiccups during the last two months.  As my due date approaches he's been getting more and more attached to my hip  and when I was home with an infection a few weeks ago my husband actually had to pick him up and take him outside to go potty as he wouldn't leave the bedroom.  Looking forward to see how he will be with the new baby! Have a wonderful summer and

thank you for letting us adopt this wonderful addition to our family!

happy endings